Friday, February 12, 2010

Goal Setting

H's Knitting Goals:
  • To knit 20 Tomatoes, 20 Corns, 20 Carrots, 20 Eggplants and 10 Garlic Heads by December 2010
  • To knit a handful of kid size fruit hats, mittens and socks by December 2010
  • To knit a dozen or so Christmas decorations by December 2o1o
  • Sell all knitted items at the Downtown Harrisonburg Farmer's Market
Purpose: Goal driven, pure fun.

Also, as a side...knitting goals for personal household use are:
Finish my Fair Isle sweater, knit socks for family and self, start and finish Christmas tree skirt.

H's Baking Goals:
  • Bake good bread
  • Bake 40 Loaves of bread by the end of the year
  • Try a variety of different recipes
H's Blogging Goals:
  • See how long we can maintain the record of how these goals are coming
  • Accountability for the above goals
  • A record of events in the lives of the L-T Family (knitting, baking, gardening, farm designs/implementations, building, dreaming)
  • A digital scrapbook